Rules: Houdini is a multiplayer 1 v 1 game on the same keyboard where you have to kill the other player before he does. You start locked up in chains and to kill your enemy you have to get right 10 keyboard keys and you will get free off the locker gaining the ability to shoot your enemy. The first to reach 5 won rounds will win the game.

Instructions: Complete the row of keys to get free, everytime you missclick one key will be added to your row preventing key spamming. Type correctly the "SHOOT" button to kill your enemy or you will miss the shot. (In the future we will rework this) Press simultaneously "F" and "J" to start a new round. Press ESC to access to the menu.

About us: We're two guys from Italy and we started making games a year ago, we're slowly getting better and we want to improve our skills. Franciosi Lorenzo: Pixel Artist - Animator - Art designer -Game designer Piatti Cristian: Coder - Game designer

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