Known bugs:
Highly advised to use gamepad, if possible!
These bugs don't affect gamepad users!

Okay, seems like the version i submitted has some weird bugs that affects only players with keyboard. Should've tested this with keyboard too in the last ten minutes before submitting...

  1. If you move straight up/down, the player comes invisible. Fix this by moving sideways a little. If you have gamepad attached to your PC, then this bug doesn't exist.

  2. Second bug is that in the start of dungeon, the character throws the heart right away - this is because the throwing is triggered when the key/button is released. Fix this by keeping on pressing the Z key on the start and don't release it until the first time you want to use it. This exists only when using Z key, not matter is there a gamepad or not. A button works fine on gamepad.



I'd love to say, that this game is a roguelike, but it really isn't. It has randomly generated dungeons and endless crawling deeper, but there is no weapons or collectables. All you have is your heart and your partner.

In Lovers, you must run away from enemies while your significant other tries to destroy them. Because the theme was "one health" (i thought one heart but nvm), there is only a one heart - without a heart people tend to be careless. Therefore, you try to avoid enemies AND your hollow significant other while protecting your heart.

There is a way tho! You can swing your heart to your significant other, and if you don't break it (hit walls or enemies) with it, your significant other recovers and you turn into a monster.

So the idea is to avoid enemies and try to lead them to your partner while avoiding your partners projectiles. By pressing z / A button you can swing your heart to the partner.

  • Move: Joystick / Arrows
  • Fire: A button / Z key

Technical Jargon:
  • Gamepad support
  • Permadeath
  • Randomly generated dungeons
  • 1280x720 resolution
  • ~9mb (installer. SORRY i forgot it in a hurry)
  • Original Soundtrack (one song :D)
  • Made in ~20 hours (plus soundtrack ~3h)
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