For testing purposes you can Right Click to instantly kill your current mech, allowing you to mutate at an accelerated rate!

The inspiration for Mech: EVO comes from my recent interest in genetic algorithms, and more specifically how to implement them into a video game. If you have never heard of genetic algorithms I encourage you to research them as they truly are fascinating.

In Mech: EVO the basics are that instead of the computer selecting which individual in the population is the most fit, the player selects the individual. A really interesting (and key) portion of genetic algorithms is that even after running for quite some time you can get fairly odd and unusable results. This is because you are never guaranteed to progress each generation. This is very much so true in Mech: EVO, for example you can select to keep your mobility attribute of 15 and then the next generation have a mobility of 0. All you are doing is increasing the ODDS of having better attributes.

I am actually quite pleased with this implementation, while the game-play might not be as polished or fun as I would like, the idea is definitely there and this serves as a great proof of concept. The backend logic took much longer than I intended and that caused other portions of the game to suffer (art, sound, game-play). All typically priorities when making a game. For Mech: EVO however the backend logic takes absolute precedence as it is what makes the game unique. It is definitely something I will be pursuing and fleshing out.

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