Genetically advanced humans invade your home planet. They keep firing lasers at you... But you know that you will survive. You are the last one of your kind to survive this invasion. Will you survive against all odds?


Left (←) and Right (→) keys for horizontal movement.

'Z' to jump

'C' to grab/drop skulls (while holding skulls you are immune to laser blasts)

'R' to restart level

'Alt+F5' to increase difficulty

'M' to mute sound

Tips (read if stuck):

Watch out! The slower you complete a level, the worse it will be! The humans will call for more reinforcements if you take your time on your mission, meaning more deadly lasers!

Try not to take more than 30 seconds, especially 1 minute as assassins arrive, shooting at your location at an unpredictable angle!

Since you are weakened from this invasion, even one laser blast can fully devastate you.

Carry skulls to fully block the laser blasts!

Step on the golden laced tiles with your eye on it to progress!

Skulls can be stacked on top of each other!

Skulls are able to be taken off ledges!


I made the above banner specifically for that purpose. The levels are not big as the banner.

This game can be completed, and I'm sorry for the victory screen.

I made a little mistake with the counters... But don't worry, the bottom counter works. The other ones are really only if you want to speed-run accurately.

If you want the fixed version so you can have a proper speed-run of the game with the fixed counters to keep score, wait until the rating for this jam is over and then I'll post a link of the fixed version, as to not infringe on rules. Don't worry, the game isn't affected, just the total time and reset counters. I can say that they did work at one point, but I forgot to remove debug code. Consider that loss of a feature a sacrifice for more levels (because it was).

Fixed timer version (good for speedruns)

Also, I appreciate feedback given on this project. I may even consider remaking/reworking this game into something way better.

Thank you.


Art channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UChohCastO1W7lrSNHC6BEXQ

Misc channel: https://www.youtube.com/user/yummojammo49

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