Game controls

The game is simple: use spacebar to avoid the red blood cells and get the bacteria. You need to get more than 30 bacterias to succeed. You can hit 1 red blood cell before die.

There is no menu or in-game instructions. If you want the context of the game, keep reading.


You are inside a sick human, you are a leucocite, the white blood cell responsible for the body protection from bacterias. Here, you are the last one and need to clear the blood to save the human life, preserving its health. And you have, guess what? Yes! One health to do that.


The game was developed with a small amount of time, as I am traveling with limited resources and time. But it's a very fun jam to participate, so, I give my try. I think it is a fair game, don't expect anything unusual other than the theme, but I hope you find it fun. I did everything from scratch: music, graphics and programming. It is not endless runner, just runner with an end level.

You can listen to the whole song on my SoundCloud.

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