The Three Great Hearts

A 2D RPG without XP and without levels. Run from pirates or kill them. You got 1 health, and Three Great Hearts to destroy.

Arrow keys, V to attack and R to respawn
  • [-> ] Arrow Keys to move
  • [ V ] to Attack (requires a weapon)
  • [ R ] to Respawn/Reset the area
  • [ X ] to Walk slow
  • [ C ] + Left/Right - Side-Jump
  • Focus on the Arrow Keys and [ V ] for attacking - the rest is non-essential
  • Press [ V ] often to run faster (it makes you leap forward)
Destroy the three hearts

Find the 3 big hearts and destroy them. You can pick up weapons on the ground


There are 3 hearts and they do not respawn (and they can hurt you - don't touch them)

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