DISCLAIMER: Uses "SimpleNetwork" Marketplace asset created by Kanelbull3 Studios.
WaveGun is a fast paced "mmo-esc" top down shooter. Explore the world to get ammo and guns and duke it out in the arena!


  • 6 Weapons!
  • 4 Upgrades!
  • 1 Health!
  • i-frame dashing to dodge bullets!
  • Up to 50 players on a server!
  • Collect money and ammo!
  • Duke it out in the deadly arena!
  • Customize your character!

If no one is online, tweet at me @rologfos and I'll 1v1 you!

Note: WaveGun was made in half the time I usually take to make gm48 games so it's kind of lacking in a lot of areas. Also this is my first game ever using online multiplayer functionality so most things are client side and its rough around the edges.

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