This is my pretty weird game, but not really as pretty weird as my last gm48. Enjoy.


These are told to you in-game but oh well here they are.

  • A/D - walk
  • W - jump
  • Space - kick
  • Enter - weapon attack (if you have a weapon) OR skip/close text
  • Shift - drop weapon

Get through the level. That's literally it. Along the way, you'll meet enemies and if they're holding a weapon, you can get their weapon after defeating them. However, weapons have their limits; e.g. a blaster gun has a limited amount of ammo so you'll need to defeat another enemy with a blaster gun to get more ammo.

Bugs (woo)

After only realizing that gm48 had started late yesterday, I of course had to rush some things, but in addition I also tried out new things that I'd never tried before. With both of these come a few bugs:

  • For some reason (I still have no idea why this happens but I wasn't going to take the time to figure it out) most of the time if you're standing still, you'll slide slowly (a fraction of a pixel every frame) in one direction. Fixed as of 7/19
  • You can pretty easily get stuck in walls, but if this happens I've found that a rather reliable method of getting unstuck is pressing W, A and D at the same time to wiggle yourself out. If your keyboard doesn't support this and you stay stuck forever, close the game and open it again--the game autosaves, so you won't lose that much progress. Fixed as of 7/19
  • On rare occasions you might find yourself unable to jump. Dropping down to a different platform should fix this.
  • Running left into a wall (or jumping into a platform above you while holding A) will cause some collision bugs, but if you release A and let the player decelerate, you should collide with the wall just fine.

There's definitely more, however minor, bugs that either fix themselves quickly or don't affect enough to be game-breaking, but if you do find a serious bug, most of the time restarting the game will fix it.

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