Dear Doggroth,

I am sorry I did not write you sooner, but I just woke from a coma that I immediately asked the doctors to re-induce once I realized just how much things have changed since you took my place at the end of the level. These rogues, wizards, and warriors are just terrible, and from what I saw in an article your aunt Gnagdymal shared on Facebook, they'll be coming at you in waves, non-stop.

Be sure to stay limber and use those WASD keys to move about the level. And if you get a hankering to chomp down on something, the Spacebar is your attack button. Well, there's a good chance I'll have smashed my skull into the sink by the time you read this, so hopefully you're on your own. Text me one of those panoramic phone pictures of Gwylenhythe Heights when you get a chance so I can see just how dilapidated of a mess it's become.


Uncle Goshenhogg, former Bossman of the First Level of Gwylenhythe Heights

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