Ninja. Clones. The one true enemy of mankind.


Take to the dojo and show off your expert moves; break the faces of a hundred hapless wannabe ninjas.

Dodge like a nimble, bio-engineered gazelle to avoid wave after wave of warriors.

Swing for the stands as you disembowel your foes with katana and shuriken.

Receive comforting words of wisdom when life is snatched away from you.

Then boast on Twitter about reaching new heights of murderous excellence.

And most importantly, beat Juju's highscore of 84,000 points.

Current highscore champion is @peper_moth with 343,800 points!

@Gasparatus has taken the lead with a huge 665,100pts.

@peper_moth is definitely cheating because they scored over a million points and got to wave 26. We only programmed unique waves until wave 20!

Baku played to wave 60, got close to 2 million points, and it took him over an hour. Crikey.



CLONE-FU supports both keyboard and gamepads. Controls are explained in-game but here's a quick reference should you need it. This control scheme works with European keyboards too!

[arrow keys] (left thumbstick) move + navigate menus
[X] (A) attack + select option
[C] (B) throw shuriken
[space] (X) dodge


Art by Ajmal Rizi

A man who only needs five colours to make you feel.

Music by Gasparatus

Bangin' choons guaranteed to get the blood pumping.

With Thanks

To Nate, and inventor of John Nesky.

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