You control Code_Me, a bird-blob who doesn't understand what keyboard inputs are. You must help him/her through the dangerous complex by building a sequence of commands using a special UI.

The game has 3 difficulty modes (which you select on the final speech bubble (Pressing SPACE on the final speech bubble will select EASY by default))

  • EASY: Points do not reset on death, and eggs will not need to be recollected. Doors you open during any sequence will remain open until the game is restarted and checkpoints appear throughout the level.

  • MEDIUM: Easy mode, except doors reset when Code_Me dies.

  • HARD: Points are reset back to 0 upon death and eggs reappear as well, needing to be collected again. Doors reset upon death and checkpoints are removed from the game. In short, you need to beat the game (and collect all the points if you want to ) in a SINGLE run!!


  • You can press ESC to restart the game.

  • You can hold down SPACE to speed up the game (By 500%), but there is a bug with this (read below)

  • Use SPACE to proceed to the next text box during the beginning.

  • The gravity (by default) is 0.4, it also resets to this value upon death or stopping execution.


  • If you're using SPACE to speed up the game, beware, as those spaces will register if you have either the value or time field highlighted. Make sure you backspace all the spaces if you use this.

  • The ending graphic is bugged, but does not hinder gameplay / performance.

  • Question marks appear whenever Code_Me jumps, they were only supposed to appear if the Jump value was anything but '1'. Also does not hinder gameplay / performance.

There may be more or some I'm forgetting, but otherwise the game is in a very playable state. Have fun everyone and goodluck to everyone who's participating in the 19th GM48 !!

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