Expand is a game where you grow to take on bigger obstacles.


  • A cat protagonist who is undoubtedly going to cause some comment drama!

  • An original song! (It's honestly pretty bad, but it's better than nothing!)

  • Fluid animation where nothing stops moving inspired by WayForward!

  • Graphics that look better than STATION 7's!

  • An actual ending this time!

Sorry, Mac and Linux users, but I only have the Windows exporter. :C



You'll sometimes get stuck in the ceiling. Just crouch when that happens and it'll be fine.

An effect that I added where everything else faded when you expanded was accidentally deleted. I'll put the game on itch.io with that readded after the jam.

The crouch animations are 2 frames, whereas the rest were at least 10.

The protagonist would cause a divide if this wasn't a place full of devs and had comments.

The music and sound is subpar, because I spent the bulk of the time on animations.


Since the last jam, I learned how to properly draw characters of both genders, instead of just making them cuboids with arms and legs.

Even if the sound sucks, lack of sound is even worse.

GameMaker is capable of literally any crazy idea you come up with.

These guys got me through frustrating bits. Please give them love and [COOKIES! This one isn't suitable for kids.] (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uriJOsWy_zU)

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