• Arrow keys: Move, Move cursor
  • Space bar: Select, investigate
  • Ctrl: Go back, Open inventory
  • F11: Toggle fullscreen
  • Escape: Hold to force-quit.

"Good luck detective! May you bring that vile murderer to justice!" -- Introduction

As the detective, your duty is to examine this mysterious murder. The crime scene? The 62nd floor of a private hotel belonging to the late Mr. Jerry Corpus. Who killed him? Who wanted him dead? That is your job to discover. We have identified six possible suspects:

  1. Mrs. Margaret Corpus, the widow of Mr. Corpus

  2. Ms. Christina Sulker, the receptionist in the hotel

  3. Mr. Thomas Kyle, Mr. Corpus's old friend

  4. Mrs. Rebecca Catz, one of the hotel's cooks.

  5. Mr. Donald Reafe, who met Mr. Corpus in the military

  6. Ms. Jenna Walker, one of the hotel's maids.

You must comb the entire 62nd floor, scanning for any possible evidence. After you have enough, report to Questioning, where you sit face-to-face with the six suspects and try to make them crack by presenting them with evidence. One of them is a killer. Five of them are not. Can you figure out who's innocent and who's guilty? Once you have, arrest them! Good luck detective!

HOW THE GAME WORKS, (cough cough in case you're curious as to how to win):

Each character has a "cracking point," where they will give you more sensitive information and hints to help you try and figure out who the murderer is. Present them with evidence to increase their cracking value. If it reaches that point, they will crack and admit what they know. You can tell if they crack, because their sprite will slightly change.

BE CAREFUL! You need to present the suspects with evidence RELEVANT to them. This may take some trial and error to get right and figure out who is weak to what. (Or you could download the project and figure it out... heh) If you present a suspect with too much irrelevant evidence, it will be impossible to make them crack!

Some suspects may also have a request for who you should arrest. If somebody asks you to arrest someone else or do a favor for them, and you do it, the ending will change. There are too many possible endings to count. How many can you encounter?

Most importantly, have fun! Don't hesitate to start the game over again if you want to really figure it out!

One last note: I created everything entirely by myself, with the except of a shader, made by KeeVee games that I got from the marketplace.

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