Level 2 Not Found is a short game about a player (that's you!) which is supposed to playtest old timey games. With old games like this, however, all levels past level one tend to be corrupted.


  • Chinafreak, Code, twitter.com/Chinafreak
  • Falcfire, Graphic, twitter.com/Falcfire
  • Craig B, Music/SFX, twitter.com/cbstegeman / cb-sound.com
  • Avis, Speech Voice, twitter.com/AgentAvis

Keys - Controls:

  • WASD Keys or Arrow Keys = Move
  • Space = Shoot
  • F1 = Mute Music
  • F11 = Fullscreen
Screenshot 0 Screenshot 1 Screenshot 2 Screenshot 3 Screenshot 3.25 Screenshot 3.5
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