It's a classic endless runner, with a peculiar art style, entertaining audio and simple but effective game play.

It certainly nail the brief although the game it's bit simple.

Nevertheless I had to fight against some weird bugs, some of which I still can't understand where they come from.

Every game jam I find a little bit easier to develop certain part of the game (i.e. the menu, the hud, and the GUI in general), while there are still a large number of processes/algorithms that take me time to develop, and a lot of other more advanced stuff still obscure to me (i.e. shaders, good particles, various special effects).

It's still a steep learning curve, but I feel I'm progressing and these competitions help me a lot.


Arrow UP or W: Jump or double jump

M: Music On/Off

S: Sound Effect On/Off

F: Full Screen On/Off

Esc: Quit

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