The Fool has been imprisoned in The Dimensional Prison, a place where multiple dimensions are layered on top of each other, making it impossible to escape! Still, The Fool set out to do just that...

Well, he would be if I had finished the game, but I stopped work on it after ~a day because I didn't feel it had too much potential. Still, I did get to experiment a little with tiles in this project + figuring out how to integrate HTML5 games on blogs, so I still got to learn a lot :D

You control The Fool using W, A, S & D or arrow keys, and you interact by pressing Enter or Space. You can toggle dimensions (color channels) by pressing R, G or B.


My idea was to make a simple tile-based collision system to allow for building each of the different dimensions on their own tile layers. I got the system working, but I quickly learned making AI for enemies would become less easy by doing so (meaning no enemy AI in the game).

Since I stopped developing it prematurely, I instead choose to use it for learning how to integrate GM made HTML5 games into my blogs and portfolio. So that happened: The used code is pretty crude, but I learned what to keep in mind when working with the HTML5 module.

I think (for the next jam) I will set out to find a team to work with... Anyway, thanks for now - see ya'll around :D

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