Use the Arrow Keys to move

Use ESC to quit

Use F4 to toggle fullscreen while in game


Trinket Maze is an adventure game where you take the role of Billy the Slime. Billy was wandering through a dungeon when he lost his way. Billy was scared, and when he gets scared, he gets hungry. He found a torch, but he ate it. Fortunately, he started to glow. Help him find his way through the twists and turns of the dungeon as fast as possible, acquiring trinkets to unlock doors along the way.


Programming: Alexander Quinn

Playtesting: Luke Bilawey

Design: Alexander Quinn/Luke Bilawey

Lighting Engine: Heartbeast (

Room Transitions: Shawn Spaulding (

alt text

Shiny objects!

alt text

What does the 1 mean?

alt text

How quickly can you escape?

alt text

Almost a full sized "map"

alt text

Trinket collection!

alt text

Exploring the maze...

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