NOTE: The game might crash on PCs equipped with old GPUs, sorry for that! If that happens, try updating DirectX:

Another thing: The gameplay isn't perfect and there are a couple of bugs around, I might fix them and release a new version if there's demand...

Things that drain your energy:

  • bullets
  • crashing into enemies
  • slowing down time

Things that restore your energy:

  • shooting down enemies

Things you need in order to shoot down enemies:

  • ammo

Things you have to catch in slow-motion to get ammo:

  • bullets

Also, the less health you have, the more points you get.

Device Moving around Shooting Slo-Mo
Gamepad D-Pad / Left analog stick A B / Right Trigger
Keyboard Arrow keys Z/Y X

I used a couple of really short functions from my own "framework" to make my life easier. (nothing complex)

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