Cursed Blood
Action Rogue-lite Dungeon Crawler.

Timelapse of creation:


  • Procedurally Generated Dungeons.
  • Pickup items to buff your stats or unlock unique properties.
  • Use altars to help you, but at the cost of your life! And soul!
  • Play 3 classes with different stats, abilities, and play styles.
  • Play in your browser with HTML5. (DO NOT RATE BASED ON THIS VERSION)
Dead KnightDead Knight
  • Invincible rolling!
  • Big sword damage!
  • Restore lots of life with a healing potion!
  • Favorite items - Heart Container, Ring of Damage
Blood MageBlood Mage
  • Spend health to deal high ranged damage.
  • Siphon life from all enemies around you!
  • Favorite items - Red Tearstone Ring, Ring of Mind
  • High attack speed dagger!
  • Attack from range with your bow!
  • Throw blades in all directions and stealth!
  • Favorite items - Leaching Blade, Ring of Dexterity


  • Don't skip killing enemies! Enemies can drop items.
  • Skip enemies sometimes!
  • Adapt to your item build.
  • Use knockback to stagger enemies, avoiding damage.
  • Use your Healing abilities only when you have to.
  • You are invincible while rolling or stealthed.
  • Only use altars when you have to. They curse you!
  • As you become more cursed, enemies have a higher chance of being quick and powerful.

The Challenge in Cursed Blood is making decisions. Every second the game demands a quick decision. Enemies, items, classes, altars, all change these decisions. And Cursed Blood is not shy of rewarding a quick thinker, or a tactician.


DO NOT RATE BASED ON THIS VERSION. Added another class and fixed bugs and balanced the game.

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