Wow - I just submitted this game just before the deadline.



Dungeon Of The Unfinished is my attempt at creating a more classical rougelike - that is a game inspired by the original Rouge.

The big twist are the minimalist controls: The player enters the room and can either use an item of go into one of the 4 different directions (including back). This is hard to explain, so better try it yourself ;).


The game features 2 different potions, bombs of varying sizes and 1 - I kid you not - ONE enemy type :P.

But it also has a handcrafted soundtrack and sound effects (no BFXR) and a lovely art-style (heh :P).


Big warning: The game is unfinished, there is no winning condition, there are some bugs and the combat is not a lot of fun.

But I thinks it's an interesting concept that I just wanted to get out of my system for a long time now, so here it is.


arrow keys - navigate menus and game

space - confirm

A-Z - use inventory items

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