Moving step by step, finding machines to turn off and might save himself and others from his lost gamble. Remember to look around especially in the corners as you are not alone. The lost gamble has brought not only misery, but horrors that lurks around.

Short video of me playing:

Game does not have "true" ending as I was running short on time. Ending in the game also glitched and you can barely see the text. This is my first jam, and I participated it little bit late ^^

Controllers: WASD + E and mouse (don't rely only WASD, look around with mouse) Can be played purely by using mouse, then is movement with mouse scroll and clicking on side of screen will turn player. Best combination for myself is turning around with A & D, while moving with mouse scroll and clicking on things, also use the mouse to look around.

To deactivate machines, look down and press left mouse button or key "E". These both are also used to accept texts.

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