You're a person wit a cannon of destruction to kill the fire slime as the hurl there bodies to you. As you shoot you cannon balls are more powerful but your cannon heats up. Are you willing to risk power for death? With the reward of life i'd do so.

When you die tweet me on twitter the max difficulty you got too!

Thank You for checking out and possibly playing this was really fun to do. My art and sound skills aren't up to par with the rest of you but I gave it my best. I wanted to do something not to complex but still follows the theme but makes you work for the reward.

How To Play

The way you play is simple but the way you do it is hard. You have many things acting against you in this game. The overall goal is to reach a difficulty of 15 or greater. They way you do this is by using your cannon to kill the fire slimes that are attacking you. As the difficulty goes up the damage of your cannon will go down the rate at which they spawn will go up and the damage they do will also. Next your cannon, there are a few things you should know. First as the heat of it rises the shots become more powerful, you can use this as a way to combat the decrease from the difficulty increasing. This is great but if you get it to max heat or over you explosive meter will go up, if that fills up then you blow up and lose. Next you have a health meter this only goes down when a fire slime hits you. If the health bar gets to zero you die and lose. I wish you the best of luck in your playtime. Fire burns for a but, explosives kill. You can use 'F' or left click to shoot.

Time Lapse of Development with full play through and record set.

***Sorry forgot to add music :(

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