HOT SEAT! The castle in which you're held prisoner is filling with HOT LAVA. Climb your way to freedom before your legless stump is roasted! But don't trust things to work as you expect..


Use the power-ups that you collect from the lava with 1 , 2 and 3.

1: Use the glove to boost yourself upwards until you reach the next ladder piece beyond the closest gap.

2: Use the bombs to damage the walls and lower the lava level, but be careful, as any bomb has a 4% chance of prematurely detonating and killing you.

3: Use the rope to get a boost upwards if you're too far down the screen. Useful for escaping death.


There are 3 levels, each with a mini-game in between. Passing the mini-game after the 3rd level will yield the most satisfactory game ending known to man.


You should only try this after at least attempting to legitimately finishing the game:

If you press the HOME key, you can then use debug hotkeys to call specific events... or we can just call them cheats ;)

BACKSPACE: Spawn a powerup every frame.

ENTER: Seamlessly progress to the next level.

CTRL: Immediately start the minigame (The game will proceed to the next level when you beat a minigame)


Game coded by lelouche

Art assets, voice dialogues, story, title and character names were made by six-demon bag

MISC: I'll put misc stuff in here when I think about it, such as bugs or other interesting info.

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