Welcome to Invest

You have arrived in a wasteland of 10,000 square miles passed on to you from Uncle Bob. Your mission is to attract business to these lands and turn it into a thriving community, both prosperous and delightful.

Each Business is connected to 1-3 industries, buying into them helps those industries grow, and also that business. Be careful not to buy into a business that is connected to bad industries (check the gauge bar). The Goal is to make all bars Green, you can do it, I know I have.

Be mindful of starting with smaller businesses and gradually aiming to buy into larger ones.


Good Luck!

Pre-Alpha Controls: Space to make a deal or Negotiate percentage (soon to enable the on-screen buttons in next build) R to Restart S to Sell out of a particular business CTRL to toggle time on/off - you need time on to gain profits

To Come:

Enabled buttons List of companies you have invested in plus sorting Goals (End of game Reward)

Mirthology Games - Terry Burgenheim - Design, Testing, Code, Formulas and code compression. Pixel Burner - Robert Ramsay - Initial Design, Code, Art, GUI, Music and Marketing.

"May the Gods that created money change form and Love you instead of themselves."

For updates of the game Click here (Current GM48 version is V0.2pa) This version is V0.55a : https://www.pixelburner.com/GM48_20_Invest_RiskAndReward/GM48October-Invest_v0.55a.exe

  • Added Page up / Page Down to scan investments made / Go to start or end of list
  • Fixed some internal formulas
  • Tweaked some visual messages
  • Simplified Gameplay (removed negotiate until later)
  • Added buttons
  • Added Time Control +/- as per request
  • Added List of investments with their estimated profits and status

Planned for the Next Version: Scroll bar for investment list to be working, Basic Tutorial in place, More investment opportunities.

As your reward for getting all the bars green like this:


You will win a copy of the source code! :) Nice Reward eh! :)

Just post in a feedback reply or email me@robertramsay.co.uk with your screenshot!

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