A shameless clone of 1982 arcade classic, Joust.

  • LEFT / RIGHT - Move that direction
  • SPACE - Fly. You have to mash this to fly, it's tricky.
  • The winner of a collision is determined by their height on the screen. If you're above your enemy, you'll eat them. If they're above you, they'll kill you.
  • Eating an enemy will drop an egg, which will hatch after a few seconds with a more dangerous baddie inside. You don't get any points for eating eggs... should you risk letting them hatch for the bigger points reward from the baddest baddies!??
  • The bug that became a feature - If you are not moving at all, the baddies can't hurt you.
  • Use your head! Your tail can't take or do any damage, you need your noggin'!
  • Sparkling in the clouds mean an enemy is about to appear in that spot, watch out!

If you've never played Joust, check it out at archive.org (you play in browser, no downloads required). When it says "factory settings restored, press F2 to advance, then 5 to insert a coin, and finally 1 start the game. Play with left and right arrows, and Ctrl to flap.

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