For those of you who want to for reviewing purposes, yes, there is a way to play again. Scroll down. I'm going to remove this message and what is down below when the rating is over, however.

I have a question... What do you value?

Once is a short, Game boy Advance inspired puzzle platforming game where you control a little creature* who sometimes takes risks and will sometimes find rewards. There are obstacles around nearly every corner, so make sure you're extra careful.

Why is it called Once? Because after you play the game once, you can't play it again. (Just try it, I dare you.)

They're also described in the game, but this is sometimes easier to read.

ESC: Closes the game at almost any time. Remember you can only play once...

Left key: Walk left.

Right key: Walk right. Surely it's innovative.

Z: Jump.

Enter: Progress through the opening cut scene.

But I wanna play again!

Aww. That's too bad.

* Seriously, I have no idea what it is. Are they a cat? A mouse?

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