Two fat ducks have found treasure buried deep inside an unexplored cave! Unfortunately, they're not at their peak fitness; carrying all that treasure and mining equipment is hard work. They must compete with each other to stash the most valuables, deciding what to take with them and what to leave behind.


Get the most treasure and stash it back into your chest in the time allotted. Find and use the pickaxes to destroy walls of the same colour and shovels to dig traps to slow your opponent down (just remember where you dug, or you'll get hoisted by your own petard). The more tools and treasure you carry, the more it will weigh you down, slowing your movement speed. You can only carry a combined maximum of 10 treasures and tools at a time.


Quack Raiders is best experienced with gamepads.

Action Gamepad Key (P1) Key (P2)
Move D-Pad WSAD Arrow Keys
Use Current Tool A G K
Drop Current Tool B H L
Previous Tool LB T I
Next Tool RB Y O
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