Epilepsy warning! You can turn off strobe lights in the settings.

Default Controls

You can change these in the settings.

  • Move - WASD
  • Shoot/advance text - Space

You have a very simple and easy mission: to retrieve Paul's keys. However, you manage to mess that up... catastrophically. And now you have to risk your life to reap the reward of Paul's happiness.

(This game makes a lot of references to and follows the events of Space Game thing, so it's recommended you play that before playing this, or else you won't get a lot of the dialogue.)

Dev notes

I had a lot of fun this time around, and I was way better prepared (i.e. I actually knew when the clock would start instead of finding out a day late). However, it was a pretty bumpy road.

For the first hour or so, I stared at an empty project with no ideas coming to mind to fit the theme. I started brainstorming in Notepad, got an idea and went with it. I wanted to bring back SGT's characters and continue that story, so I came up with a short and simple premise for the game to directly follow SGT and started working on it.

I was pretty surprised at how few bugs I ran into, especially compared to previous gm(48)s, and fixing the bugs the game did have didn't take long. I'm sure there's something game-breaking that I'll find long after the deadline, but for now I'm pretty happy with it.

So how does it fit the theme? Well... to be completely honest, it really doesn't. I had an idea that would satisfy the theme at the start but I forgot it during development. At some point, I decided I would BS it and claim that throughout the level, you constantly risk going back to the last checkpoint when coming across dangers like big jumps or enemies, but overall this game doesn't do a good job with the theme, which is something I should have a bigger focus on next time.

Also, Paul can't die lmao

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