Robot Rebellion

In this action platformer it's up to you to save the world from the Robot Rebellion. You've volunteered for an experimental procedure in which you became a cyborg with a power core for a heart. This lets you shoot energy blasts from your chest, but be careful. If the power core burns out so do your vitals! Likewise, damage to you will drain your power core! Can you help the military by collecting the robots' secret weapons blueprints all while surviving an onslaught of unique robots? Your country's team of scientists only need 5 blueprints, but there are more out there. Be careful as obtaining some of the blueprints will be riskier than obtaining others.

For this gm48 game there is only one level with more to come at a later date.


  • Windows
  • HTML5


  • A & D to move
  • Space to jump and advance through main menu
  • Control to shoot
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