Those pesky Egyptians, they don't need their rubies anymore! I mean, where I come from, they're all ancient history!
Join Sam as he helplessly tries to avoid getting caught by angry soldiers and falling into pitfalls, all while trying to gather as many rubies as possible and get home safe and sound. How long will you stay in ancient Egypt? Will you risk your life for even more of that sweet shiny?

Use the WASD keys to control Sam around, and the space-key to interact with your time machine. Pick the desired time using mouse. Rubies will spawn randomly around the pyramid on a timer. Pitfall locations are randomized each playtime. Get as many rubies as you can, get back home with your time machine and leave your home to enter your name into the highscores!

This was my first #gm48 and boy was it a tough one! I'm still a complete novice with GM:S and even creating a simple game like this turned out to be a real challenge. Halfway through I felt like I didn't even like the idea I had started out with but I persevered as I couldn't start from scratch at that point. In the end though, I'm pretty happy with what I ended up with. Biggest issue that still persists is the enemy pathfinding, as no matter what settings I used, they always liked to take little shortcuts when going around corners. Still, it's not gamebreaking.

Please enjoy!

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