• Click to shoot web at enemies to catch them
  • Right click to fling them - they are your weapon now!
  • Stack up as many as you can for a stronger attack (makes you slower)
  • Keep defeating enemies to get bonus time
  • Choose to upgrade your speed, fling damage or maximum HP between levels
  • Over time, enemies begin to spawn faster and stronger
  • Compete in the online scoreboard (link below)
The Game

In WEB'd you take control of a spider whose only ability is to launch web and capture other enemies. Then, enemies which are captured can be flung against other enemies or against the wall to take damage. As you stack up more and more enemies, your attack becomes stronger, but your walking speed gets hindered, making you more vulnerable to speedy foes.

Perhaps your greatest enemy is the clock. Time is the most valuable resource in the game, if you run out it's game over. Killing enemies will earn you a couple extra seconds, but your time bank can only hold so much.

Between levels, you are given the choice to invest your spare time in upgrades to your stats. Speed helps you carry more enemies without a problem, attack increases the damage enemies take from anything you fling, and defense heals you completely and increases your endurance capabilities. Be careful not to get too greedy, getting an upgrade means you'll start the next level with less time.

There are only so many levels, but each level is potentially infinite and enemies get gradually stronger if you stay on the same level for too long, but that's a risk you must take should you want to shoot for the highest score.

Online Highscores!

Click here to check how you fare against other players. There is currently no way to check highscores in-game, sorry. :)


Currently, there is only a Windows build. A mouse and a keyboard are required to play. Limited gamepad support (in-game only).

Known issues

No way to pause the game.

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