!f you have problems with HTML5 version, try download game before rating please.


1. Player stuck if is too close to wall... So, please don't go near walls if you want ejoy full experience!

2. HTML5 version can have some audio bugs and/or graphical glitches.

Game inspired with old adventures (where you can't die :D) And urban legends. Your goal is to summon three evil entities. Ouija Daemon ZOZO, Daemon VOX and Bloody mary!

Sumonning dark entities can be pretty risky... Also, if you invite ZOZO to your house via this game, i can't help you. Just buy new house or something. But reward is knowledge of dark arts!

(Are you stuck? check library!)

Controls :

Keyboard : Arrows and ASD

X-Box controller : D-Pad and ABY

Here is Postcompo version! (PLAY ONLY AFTER RATING THIS VERSION)

FOR UBUNTU USERS If you have trouble with running, give it exe-permissions:

  1. Right-click the file and choose Properties
  2. Click on the Permissions-tab
  3. Mark the "Allow executing file as program" and then close
  4. Double-click the file again
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