The gravity is low... why not float?

Play as a mysterious, cube-headed alien as he makes his way through a space station... in space, of course.

A fixed version is ready! (April 23rd, 10:13 PM EST)

I've finished working on and uploaded a version of the game that isn't nearly as broken. YOU MUST NOT REVIEW THIS VERSION OF THE GAME. You MUST review the one featured in the download link above.[If you promise not to rate this version, then you can download it by clicking HERE.

How to play

Using the controls below, guide our protagonist through each room; each one slightly more challenging then the rest. The key way to progress is by picking up POWER STONES: bright, blue square stones that can fit into electric-seeking POWER SOCKETS (The big gray squares on the walls). Go through the door in each room to move on to the next level. Occasionally, you'll come accross a different coloured stone... maybe it's not a POWER STONE? Complete each puzzle and proceed to the ending!*

*Note: The ending is actually bugged and sends you to a blank, black screen. Yeahhh. Sorry 'bout that.


Since I never thought to include them in the game... silly me.

  • Press the LEFT and RIGHT arrows to move left and right.
  • Press the SPACEBAR, when applicable, to interact with things.
  • Press the UP arrow to jump. Look at you soar!
  • Press R to reset the level. That'll set you straight!
  • Press ESC to be prompted to return to the main menu.
  • Press the UP and DOWN (or LEFT and RIGHT) arrows to highlight an option.
  • Press the SPACEBAR to select the highlighted option.
  • NOTE: "Continue" will be unlocked aver reaching a "Save checkpoint".

And there's a lot of 'em. Grab some popcorn, we'll be here a while.

  • The whole thing's pretty much busted. I could end it there, but that wouldn't be fair.
  • After jumping or falling, landing too close to a wall makes yourself bounce. Not exactly game-breaking. You can walk right away from that.
  • Occasionally, hitting the very corner of a block will yield some... interesting effects. Most of which can be fixed by jumping or walking away. Others require you to reset.
  • Landing on the floor makes you align to grid. That's fine. But sometimes... it does it twice?
Other bugs
  • The ending. Somehow, two of the final rooms morphed into one, leaving an empty room. That does nothing. That's not good. You can't quit without force-shutting the program.
  • Again, the ending. The color of the last STONE you're supposed to touch is supposed to be blue. Not orange. That was my own carelessness.
  • Loading the game after reaching the very last "Save checkpoint" (The green one) puts you back too early.
  • The third square below the continue button should be green, not purple.
  • There are probably countless more. I'm just too tired to look right now.

Screenshots of gameplay. Sorry for low quality!

Picture (1) Picture (2) Picture (3) Picture (4) Picture (5) Picture (6) Picture (7) Picture (8) Picture (9) Picture (10)
And lastly, an illustration of our protagonist with a POWER STONE.
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