Asteroid Rage

Asteroid Rage was developed by BaconBoy123 and Buttons, 2 of the 3 members of Vinnie + Bacon + Buttons. Because Bacon only knows how to make art, he forgot to put a how to play section in the game. WHOOPS.

  • Use WASD to move your asteroid around the cosmic sea. Whenever you're ready, slam it into the nearest human spaceship you see, and rack up points for ultimate carnage/revenge-getting. You will progress if you score high enough.
  • Press R to quick-restart in a level.
  • Press Z to progress through the opening cutscene.
  • Press space to skip through the opening cutscene (like, don't do this, Bacon worked hard on that bad boy.)
  • Some levels can only be beaten through a chain reaction.
  • If you beat the game, please PM BaconBoy123 for the text of the dialogue for the ending cutscene that got cut.
Asteroid Rage
  • Bacon's 12 year old niece made some of the paths for the game while he was making maple bacon eclairs. She's a pro!
  • Bacon did all of the art and programming.
  • Buttons did all of the sweet tunes.
  • Spaceships don't make explosions when they blow up.
  • Bacon wanted to make a space basketball game, but not until he was already 36 hours in the GM48. Whoops.

Thanks for playing. We love reading your comments and critique, so let us know what you think. Keep it frosty, and stop shooting asteroids!

Asteroid Rage
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