Galactic Sporting Endeavour

version 1.0


This game is part of gm(48) that took place April 17, 2016. Theme - Space

  • A - Move Left
  • D - Move Right
  • Space - Shoot
  • R - Restart Game

This is space. In space, you have but one objective. To JAM! Welcome to the space I mean, to the Galactic Sporting Endeavour. Get the ball (Alien) into the net to JAM! Defeat his friends to continue JAMMING!

Shoot the Alien to move him into the net and JAM! His mass increase with each JAM! so use your skills as a professional space JAMMER. Then defeat his space invader friends to continue JAMMING! Collect power ups to increase your ship's firepower. Avoid enemy shots and don't let them get to the bottom of the screen or your JAMMING days are over.

Now shut up and JAM!
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