Shoot robots to subdue them, then stick near them to recruit them to your side. You only have limited energy to shoot, so you'll need to have allies by your side to get through.


We waited a week to post the fixed version of the game. If you want to play through a version that has some pretty important fixes (including getting rid of all of the bugs below). Obviously when you vote, vote for the game that was submitted at the time, bugs and all. Thanks!


Play-through/dev diary if you don't/can't download our game, or are curious as to some of our decisions/the bugs.


WASD to move. Left-click to shoot. Stick near enemies to recruit them while they are in subdued state.

  • You're invincible. Yeah. :|
  • Music loops between rooms;
  • Level 2 the bots kind of just wander off.
  • Level 3, the camera doesn't follow you. Press Enter to, uhh, finish the game.
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