“I Need some space” is an action game of reflexes and mental agility. You get to play one of the four available astronauts: Doug, Willy, Jerry or Zoe.

Your goal is to be the first one to reach as many times as you can the specific portal that corresponds to your color, before the time runs out.

WARNING: If you bump into any other of the astronauts you get pushed back. And that’s not all! There are many asteroids out there that may slow you down if you bump into them. Well… it’s space after all, what did you expect? Beware of the black hole that is ready to suck you into the eternal darkness and abyss.

The good thing is that a giant squid that lives in space, made some jam. That jam is floating around. You get to gather it. Don’t wait! It may be useful to let you score some more points!

Ingame Controls Controls
The Game also supports Controls

  • @nizitowns– development
  • @jouls_m – pixel art
  • @xasou – pixel art
  • Tofa – pixel art
  • Theogobbo – sound design & music

Special thanks to Nick and Eugenia for their testing and feedback :)

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