You are a robot issued as IMA-48, short for Information Machine & Armament model 48. You were created to survey the land on the moon and guard the moon from predators, hence your uniform. However, today is not your lucky day. Meteors are falling at a rapid rate. Luckily, you have a laser, which can take them out. Will you survive?

Basic Gameplay

You have two, three or four minutes (Depending on your choice in the main menu) to survive a meteor shower on the moon. With your laser / left mouse button, you can shoot out the falling meteors. IMA-48 was issued with 8 hit points. This means you can get hit by falling meteors 8 times before you are obliterated. IMA-48 is controlled with the WASD keys and space bar. (Get it? Space bar?)


There are two types of meteors, green and red.

  • Green meteors are normal meteors. These will award 10 points to the player when they are destroyed post-landing, and 25 points if shot in mid-air.
  • Red meteors are health meteors. Inside is an item which will heal the player 1 HP. They do not fall in Badass mode.

There are three levels of difficulty. You can adjust this by clicking it in the main menu.

  • In Sissy mode, health meteors will always fall if the player has taken damage.
  • In Normal mode, health meteors will fall after the player has taken 4 damage.
  • In Badass mode, health meteors do not fall. Meteors will also target the player and spawn faster.
Other Cool Features

V1.03.5: I have been told by many that rarely, there is a bug where red meteors spawn infinitely. If you would like to enjoy the game without the bug, you can download a fixed version at my web site: HOWEVER, please judge the outdated version of the game hosted on in the competition, not this version. I am simply leaving this here for those who want to play without the problem. This is the only change in this version.

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