The year is 2356.

A massive alien fleet is heading towards Earth with the intention of destroying civilization. Armed with Earth Gov's latest model of space combat vehicle, dubbed "The S.H.I.F.T.E.R.", humanity's best pilots head towards the alien fleet, hoping to buy Earth Gov enough time to organize an evacuation.


Survive for as long as possible, while collecting energy to improve your weaponry. Your ship's energy level decreases over time and requires a constant resupply. Use your MODE_SHIFT ability to re-orient your ship into a vertically shooting position to destroy more enemies. This game is all about beating your old high scores, so practice makes perfect.

This game plays best with a gamepad, but supports keyboard and mouse input as well. Using a keyboard for movement and a mouse for shooting and transforming is the second best input method.


Move: WASD, Arrow keys, Left analog (gamepad)

Shoot: Left mouse click, Space bar, A/B (gamepad)

Execute MODE_SHIFT: Right mouse click, E, X/Y (gamepad)

Fullscreen: Alt + Enter

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