In the RAR file there's a Windows EXE and an Android APK. Since the game was developed specifically for mobile usage/gameplay, I highly recommend you to install it on your phone and play it there if you can because it's not possible with a keyboard.

If you really need to play on PC, then the controls are just the same as the mobile version, except that you'll have to do the swiping with your mouse.

Just like the previous Pik & Pok game, this one wasn't made under the jam's theme (that's why the "theme" isn't listed in the game's rating choices), I just made this game because I really wanted to give another shot to mobile games. The game was made from scratch except for most of the sprites which were taken from the previous game but were recolored. I made what I could, I didn't have much time to invest into the jam this time around because of personal things.


Walk: Swipe on any direction anywhere on screen

Picking/Throwing: Quick tap anywhere on screen


Rodrigo Gómez Maitret: design, code & art (@The_Green_Tie)

Marc Guilleron: Music (@ZylannMP3)

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