After one rowdy evening deep in the wine cellar, this 60-something silver fox found herself on a distant world surrounded by mysterious flying objects. This was the beginning of another great story Aunt Gertrude will surely tell that nobody would believe. She swears a flying wedge of cheese came flying straight for her, “Oh bananas!” Gertrude yelled as she ducked down. “I’m not drunk enough for this!” She tipped her glass back, but found it was empty! “Hmph, pinfeathers!” Gertrude muttered angrily. Suddenly, a giant bottle of wine came straight for her… a flying bottle of wine. Piloted by a small green man, it came toward her and Gert flung her glass out of frustration. Somehow it flew into the cockpit and hit the pilot in the head! She swears she didn’t do it on purpose! He fell out of the cockpit and the next thing Aunt Gertrude knew, she was sitting on the stem of the bottle, flying through space and fighting her way past giant cheeses, grapes, and other wine bottles. This was a dream come true for her! She had wine and LOTS of it. She leaned back with her wine glass and enjoyed the ride. This was going to be a great story next Thanksgiving!

Zachary Montague - Programmer

Lena Faitz - Character Art & UI

Rachael Lueneburg - Background and Effects Art

Jacob "Bat" Baca - Idea Generation & Background Story

"Bravenoob" - Playtester & Prototype Art

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