You play an alien who has crash-landed on a strange planet and must recover the scattered pieces of his spaceship in order to return home. It's not Pikmin.

He can absorb the DNA of wildlife creatures and take on their forms in order to help him get around the world. It's not Animorphs.

Use AWD or arrow keys to move. Space absorbs DNA from animals when close enough, shift or number keys changes form.

Dev stuff: Urgh. This one was a wild ride. Running out of time more an issue here than probably any other LD or jam I've done! Which is saying quite a bit haha. Probably my least favourite entry but I think overall that puts my batting average fairly decent! The idea turned out a bit mild and uninteresting and getting it prototyped to the point where that was clear took too long. In order for this idea to work I think it needs a lot of different well thought out forms and mechanics which grew too complex for my coding skill to manage in the time. Lots of neat little polish touches and flourishes here and there but overall a bit murggh. Performance is pretty intensive here too, let me know if it melts your computer.

I learned loaaaaads as always and feel like I got 100X better at making things. And that's the whole point right?

Hope you enjoy spending some time with it!

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