"We looked at the theme... and thought 'Man, I'm getting an error 404 thinking of an idea... file not found', so in the Absence of a good idea for the theme, we'd figure we just make a game where there's a Scarcity of weapons, and you have to fight Clones by Combining a bunch of random stuff from the Destructible Environments to make Unusual Weapons. The player will undertake a journey of Exploration to Connect with other refugees from the Clones' violent Expansion. Ultimately to keep the world Safe, the player will have to destroy the Two Sides of the conflict, to achieve the Hard to Reach goal of winning while Keeping the Momentum to avoid being overrun with clones, all while having Limited Movement"

Our ambition became the victim of time and we weren't able to implement everything, but we got close! Our thought: "Why not just make a game about a Lab Monkey with low stamina that gets released by his Scientist captors to fight clones by harvesting resources from the destroyed environment to make crazy weapons to destroy both clones and scientists and make the world safe again?"


  • Movement: WASD (or Arrow Keys)
  • Aim with Mouse
  • Attack: Left Mouse
  • Esc: Access crafting menu
  • Scroll Wheel: Switch weapons (once you've crafted some)


  • Break as many objects as you can to gather resources and discover Schematics
  • Craft wacky weapons to fight the clone machine
  • Have fun!

Known Bugs:

  • Unable to reach 3rd level
  • Crafting screen allows you to craft a weapon you've already made, consuming resources.
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  • Tero Hannula

    I think game was bit too slow paces and stamina meter was just nuisance as it slowed game even more :/ Now the stamina could have been more that if you have Run button, and running uses stamina. Running would be much faster than walking speed. I think graphics were nice, but there were no sound effects.

    Here is my gameplay: https://youtu.be/0bLUN64NG5E?t=3689



  • Zen00
    Lv. 15

    Uncraftable recipes should be hidden per level (eg: first level you can't get bars/stone, so hide any recipes using those). I eventually killed everything with my fists for fun by exploiting bad path finding AI. :P

    Slime Well

    Slime Well

  • Chris

    I liked the intro and playing as a lab monkey is great, it's really a cool game with a lot of promise but there is a hole in my heart where the sound effects should be.

  • Ivanbje

    I get the joke of all the top themes being in there and had a giggle there. but I feel like the two sides theme should be more pronounced.

    My biggest complaint is the stamina mechanic. I don't feel like it adds anything, limited movement should propose an interesting challenge. I felt like the stamina added nothing and instead I just had to stop playing for a bit.

  • SpritePainter
    Lv. 21

    First, I really like the art. It reminds me of Chips Challenge. I also have to say that this looks like a very ambitious project, and the amount of content that you've put in here is impressive. The biggest drawback I can see with the game at this point, unless I'm missing some way to turn it on, is the lack of sound.