Two Sides Shmup
Bullet hell, shoot-em up, yin and yang. Can you make it to the end? Can you get the high score?

Control your destiny in this bite-sized take on the classic shmup, Ikaruga.

Made in roughly 18 hours by Matthew Alan Estock and Drew Dunaj.

How to Play
Utilize your TwoSide ship's "color flip" ability to protect yourself! You are shielded from bullets that match your ship's color. Note: You are vulnerable to both colors when you for a brief moment while your ship switches!

  • Movement: WASD or arrow keys
  • Color Flip: Shift key
  • Start / Restart: Enter key
  • Quit Game: Escape key

Known Bugs

  • Collisions with other ships cause both ships to explode. However, collisions don't take player invulnerability into consideration. Oops!
  • Sometimes enemy ships will not fully leave the screen, which may lead to the victory condition not being met. Check around the left & right sides for any enemies that might not have left the play field. video

High Scores
Submit feedback to lay claim to your high score! Video proof would be cool. Secure your bragging rights!

Rank Player Score Proof
1 Matty 461194 video
2 Lee 410407 screenshot
3 Jacob Mercer-Pontier 395672 video
4 Zen00 382654 ?
5 tehwave 319643 video
6 Nomppie 317670 screenshot
? Drew ?????? ??????

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