You play as Frank, a man with a shaded past and an awesome companion. At least until the bad guys took your companion! With a gun that shoots in only one direction, dodge bullets from the bad guys and free your companion!


Arrow keys to move "Z" to Jump "X" to Shoot

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  • Josh K.
    Lv. 14

    Not bad for your first game. Keep at it buddy! ^_^

    Ps. I'll show you how to make games a single runtime exe lol

  • Anonymous
    Anonymous Avatar

    4yrs ago

    Overall, it needs a lot of work. Some things to watch out for in the future:

    • The window size/aspect ratio is really weird.
    • Because you're playing a lot of sounds at once, they overlap and end up being really loud and ear grating
    • The game is way too short
    • Art is bizarre, the humans are heads but the dog is a dog
    • The music is really repetitive
    • No control explanation ingame
    • Controls feel sluggish, no real momentum
    • You can walk off the left side of the screen and softlock the game
    • Why'd you submit with an installer? They even advise against this on the submission page!

    That last one is more of a nitpick but is kinda the cherry on top. Hoping you learn from this gamejam and make something cool in the future.