• Jason Reynolds
  • 1 year ago
  • Disqualified


ASTEROIDS IN COLOR! Ensure you shoot the asteroid with the right color or it will not destroy!. Challenge yourself with a local leader board for ongoing fun.


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  • voxeledphoton

    I think the movement could actually be a bit better, atm it jerks around when you rotate and thrust (it seems like you keep the momentum you had when you were going in the other direction but it should be additive). Here's a little doodle I did a little bit ago if you'd want to take a look:
    The color names were a great touch for helping me remember what colors were what keys (Jade,Kobi,Lemon). Menu is solid but the name popping back up everytime you return to the main menu from a submenu gets a little annoying, choices could also use some sfx. It's awesome for your first game jam! ;D keep it up!

  • FrogWax
    FrogWax FrogWax Level 5

    Quite difficult, but great job getting that ship momentum just right. I wish I could 'brake' to slow down. The asteroids exploding into smaller pieces was nice, and it was great to see a high-score system implemented. A great job on this nostalgic entry!

  • Halvard Mjelde

    Fun and challenging game! It would be nice to have something on the screen to remind me of what button was which color. But otherwise very well done!

    • Narxii Narxii
      Level 3

      Thankyou Halvard, I was thinking about adding that appreciate the feedback :)

  • Narque
    Narque Narque Level 2

    Game is so good it makes me wet and feel all mushy inside

    • Narxii Narxii
      Level 3

      Thankyou for the feedback Narque, not really sure how to reply to this...

  • James King
    James King James King Level 1

    This is a pretty lazy attempt. no original idea at all just used a tutorial on YouTube and added the colors. Looks to be a bit of Shauns and cosmos Tut.

    This guy uses tut for a game jam and thinks he works for Naughty Dog. LawL

    • Narxii Narxii
      Level 3

      Thankyou for the feedback James, whilst this is my first game jam and pretty novice when it comes to game maker I can assure you it was not created via a tutorial but I appreciate the positive comment of stating it's at "Tutorial Value". :)

  • Zachary
    Zachary Zachary Level 4

    This is a cool approach to a classic game. I would have liked it if your bullets wrap around the screen in the same way your shop does. The menus were really well done and had some nice animations.

    • Narxii Narxii
      Level 3

      Thankyou for your feedback Zachary, I was going to do this but then thought against it as it may produce an easier game for the player overall, all about challenging them :).


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