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  • 3 months ago
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Description page for upcoming post-jam builds.

Take control of three classy gentlemen eager to expropriate some valuable assets of other people. Problem is they don't run to help each other out. In fact, their cooperation is so low that they even don't want to ride an elevator together.


alt text

In the pause menu you can:

  1. Erase plan for the current gentleman, and
  2. Take control of another classy guy.


I've had only one day to do this, so please pardon any bugs or absence of tutorial. It was quite complicated to code and test all the time-warp mechanics, so I was quite short of a time for making content and polishing.

Meet your gentlemen!


Mr.Pink - The man who knows how to deal with guards, gently.


Mr.Lime - He's your digital guru, taking security posts down just like that.


Mr.Lime - Cracks any safe in mere seconds like squirrels do nuts.


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  • Jupiter Hadley
    Jupiter Hadley Jupiter Hadley 9
    2 months ago

    Challenging game. I included it in my GM48: Colors are Important compilation video series, if you’d like to take a look. :)

    • ckau ckau
      ckau 13 Developer

      Thank you! Great compilation! :)

  • FrogWax
    FrogWax FrogWax 5
    2 months ago

    I had a few bugs come up and crash the game, but I enjoyed the puzzle mechanics here. Not seen anything like it before. Unique gameplay, nice music and visual aesthetic. A head scratcher, in a good way. Great job on this entry.

    • ckau ckau
      ckau 13 Developer

      Thank you! I'm gonna update this game, and probably upload to the Steam one day, just so you know :)

  • GhostlyFeline
    GhostlyFeline GhostlyFeline 4
    3 months ago

    Really clever puzzle. I enjoyed timing the different guys to get through obstacles. I just wish it didn't throw an error before I got to the end on several attempts.

    • ckau ckau
      ckau 13 Developer

      Thank you for playing!

      I'm gonna develop this game to full release this year, stay tuned :)

  • Anonymous
    Anonymous Anonymous
    3 months ago

    I really liked the artstyle of the game as well as the gameplay. I hasn't able to finish it though. The puzzles were a bit too hard for me. But it's my problem. Good job!

    • ckau ckau
      ckau 13 Developer

      Well, honestly - after watching my girlfriend play I just KNEW the game needs a tutorial. It takes some effort and time to get into all the gameplay rules, and then to grind out timing and what to do.

      But thanks for playing and leaving feedback! I'm gonna develop this game further, so it will be more polished and enjoyable, I hope :)

  • Anonymous
    Anonymous Anonymous
    3 months ago

    With some more time to work out the game-breaking glitch(es?), this would be a super great game. The controls are fine and the talents of each character (as well as the fact that they won't take the elevator together) make for really creative and thoughtful gameplay. If there will ever be a full version, I would like to see a feature where you could choose to pick up at the time you left off when switching back to one of the characters you'd previously made a route for!

    • ckau ckau
      ckau 13 Developer

      Thanks for giving the game a chance! I hope it was not too overwhelming to figure out controls and game rules to enjoy the game :)

      Yes, I definitely want to expand on this game. There's a lot of stuff to fix and to add - tutorial, progression, new levels, a new soundtrack, etc. And a lot of polishing, that's for sure!

      My first guess about picking up the character is attached to adding a new "Timeline" feature - I'll add checkpoints and a visual timeline thingy to track them. As such it will be easier to track the timing of events, and the checkpoints will help to implement this concept of "not restarting character every time" - which currently might be quite annoying, I think.

      I'll keep updating the game here -

      Thanks for the feedback!


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