Chroma SHMUP

Chroma SHMUP

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Who we are:

We're a couple of collossally clumsy coders/designers/producers/unicorns/llama-lovers that have attempted to blend hyperactive imaginations with a simple SHMUP that brings different play styles and ''RPG-ish'' (please don't take this word seriously) elements.

'ELEGANT' coding done by Antony 'Nizitowns' who is self-admittedly a 'bit of a charmer' that throws out wacky game ideas without warning. Level-design and art done by Hannah 'Puru' who has on multiple occassions during the last 48 hours had caffeine-induced monologues about rotating spaceships.

If you run into a two-headed alien that doesn't understand the concept of gravity, let us know.


-Level your ship's colour to unlock different power ups and skills.

-Changing colours resets the level to 1.

-Maximise your score and challenge yourself to stay alive.

-Experiment with different powerups.

-Reaching lvl 3 on any class restores HP to MAX HP.




Blue: Defensive Gain more HP stats and close range damage but increase in size. At level 2, bullets do more damage but can only be used at a close range. At level 3, gain a shield automatically that blocks the next attack.

Red: Offensive Gain more damage but lower HP, second level unlocks another cannon and level 3 automatically stuns enemies every few seconds

Green: Healer Less damage and HP, but bullets restore HP when level 2 is reached. At level 3, heal over time automatically.

Yellow: Tactition More speed but less HP, at level 2, navigate easily with a smaller size. Bullets also bounce. At level 3, automatically deploy mines that destroy enemies on impact.


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