Who we are:

We're a couple of collossally clumsy coders/designers/producers/unicorns/llama-lovers that have attempted to blend hyperactive imaginations with a simple SHMUP that brings different play styles and ''RPG-ish'' (please don't take this word seriously) elements.

'ELEGANT' coding done by Antony 'Nizitowns' who is self-admittedly a 'bit of a charmer' that throws out wacky game ideas without warning. Level-design and art done by Hannah 'Puru' who has on multiple occassions during the last 48 hours had caffeine-induced monologues about rotating spaceships.

If you run into a two-headed alien that doesn't understand the concept of gravity, let us know.


-Level your ship's colour to unlock different power ups and skills.

-Changing colours resets the level to 1.

-Maximise your score and challenge yourself to stay alive.

-Experiment with different powerups.

-Reaching lvl 3 on any class restores HP to MAX HP.




Blue: Defensive Gain more HP stats and close range damage but increase in size. At level 2, bullets do more damage but can only be used at a close range. At level 3, gain a shield automatically that blocks the next attack.

Red: Offensive Gain more damage but lower HP, second level unlocks another cannon and level 3 automatically stuns enemies every few seconds

Green: Healer Less damage and HP, but bullets restore HP when level 2 is reached. At level 3, heal over time automatically.

Yellow: Tactition More speed but less HP, at level 2, navigate easily with a smaller size. Bullets also bounce. At level 3, automatically deploy mines that destroy enemies on impact.

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  • Jupiter Hadley
    Lv. 13

    Neat SHMUP. I included it in my GM48: Colors are Important compilation video series, if you’d like to take a look. :) https://youtu.be/pzo4of_gRdw

  • bombadang
    Lv. 2

    I enjoyed trying out the different gameplay styles of the four colors. I felt green was the strongest due to the healing capability, especially when it gets hard to switch colors later on due to the swarms of enemy ships. I also enjoyed red and yellow, though blue felt a bit on the weak side due to the size, short range, and 1 hit shield.

    It was difficult to pick up color powerups sometimes since you were often shooting the same direction you were moving. Maybe a button to stop firing could help that?

    I thought it was cool how the music changed for each color! They were good beats that didn't seem to get too repetitive. Overall this is a cool SHMUP entry!

  • FrogWax
    Lv. 5

    Hey guys, this was quite a lot of fun. My only critiques would be to differentiate the player/enemy bullets a bit more (I didn't know what to avoid and what was safe with bouncing bullets). Maybe have the bullet colour reflect the colour you've got equipped. The difficulty curve is quite steep. There were moments where enemies would sit at the bottom of my screen for quite a while, too close to the edge for me to get them, but also taking up a lot of my play space. I wasn't entirely sure what the blue upgrades were doing, so maybe this needs to be a little bit clearer. A nice entry that feels pretty complete for a jam game. The sound effects that you did include were well suited and didn't get too repetative. Great job you guys!

  • WangleLine 🌸
    • The buttons in the menu are WAYYYYYY too small
    • There are, sadly, no gun sounds
    • The movement feels a bit non-responsive / slidey at times, I would have loved the controls if the ship would be just bound to the cursor, but maybe that's just me :D

    Good luck with your game, you two :D ❤

    • Hannah Farrugia
      Lv. 3

      Hi Wangleline,

      Thank you for your feedback, much appreciated!

      You're totally right about the UI, and we will definitely be giving it more attention in our next games!

      The gun sound was purposely ommitted! We wanted to go for an auto shoot option to make the game more challenging for the player. We wanted to player to pay attention to where they're shooting, so that they do not shoot the power ups they need, but at the same time try to keep an aim on the target. Anyways the auto shoot option means that gun sounds would create audio chaos and so we tried to keep it a bit simple.

      Hope that makes sense and good luck with your games :D

  • John
    Lv. 1

    Very good submission! I really love the fact that the ship entirely changed colors and you showed it clearly to the player. I missed a popup tutorial as an experience before, especially since the game starts immediately. But that's for current audiences. I am used to more "not-holding-your-hand" games so personally I really enjoyed the element of having to look quickly the UI that showed me my level, until quickly I grasped that I had to keep the same color pickups in order to keep leveling and not drop.

    I took an executive decision not reading any of the rules of the game before I played just because I wanted the fun to learn it by myself. It was not a bad decision as it seems that the experience was not that complicated and your logo helped me get it beforehand as well.

    The idle Up-Down movement of the spaceship added hidden geeky cuteness which I always appreciate and enjoy.

    The music and SFX didn't impress me but they were not bad or anything. Just not something innovative for me.

    The time spent to animate the enemies and give them a bit of character as well is a yes-yes for me as well! I felt them as bad guys. So much that I am looking forward for the boss fight :D

    Space/Sky color change according to the power-up: NIIIICE!

    I'd love to have even more RPG integration and elements on the game in general. Enemies that are immune to specific colours, bosses that have guns that have to be hit while you are only one color or else you would empower them instead of damage them and stuff like that :)

    Yummy Submission!! Well done team!

  • Croaks
    Lv. 4

    Hey team, great submission. I find this piece super interesting. At first I was taken back by the auto-shooting, but then I learned I had enough to worry about between the field of enemies and managing power-ups. That was a great choice.

    The mention in you description about rotating ships made me want it included in your game somehow. I'm not sure how you would, but I was sad it wasn't there.

    I also love the integration of different levels of power-ups. I want it to go further which is a good sign for a submission, right? Where would 10 reds take us vs 10 blue? I want to know. Again, great job.