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  • 7 months ago
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Taking elements from TAG and portal comes a game where you take your gun and color the world to solve puzzles! Different colors apply different effects to your character, so choose wisely which one to use for a situation. There are 14 levels in total to complete.

CONTROLS (Not said in game so read!):

  • A/D - Move Left/Right
  • S - Crouch
  • Q/E - Toggle Gun color
  • Space- Jump
  • Mouse + Left Click - Aim + Shoot

(Some colors are disabled in each level)

The end of your barrel is the current color.

The color effects are listed below, but also discovered through the game:

  • Red- Low Grav
  • Purple- High Grav
  • Green- High Jump
  • Orange - High Speed
  • Blue - Low friction

Please play on a low volume, as I had to rush sounds. Post your best time if you beat all 14 levels! I finished in 1:45

I used:

  • GMS2
  • Aseprite
  • BFXR

Special Thanks to Naxos for his arc trajectory code fixes!

(Also ignore ArcTest file, it was a sample code I found to use as an example when coding the arcs, however was not used)


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