Elemental Dungeon

Elemental Dungeon

  • MidnightOz
  • 5 months ago
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Welcome, brave adventurer!

We have been waiting for you to join us, over in the Elemental Dungeon! There are riches to be found, but you'll have to first activate all the totems that may be present in your randomly generated dungeon! Using the elements you have and your special movement ability, make ONE movement every five seconds (Elemental attacks/transformations do not count as a move, but you can't use one after moving!) , or be punished by the wrath of Katõrnüs! Having been punished a few times shall make you end up defeated!

  • The cards you can get for movement are: Twice horizontally or vertically, once horizontally or vertically, and once diagonally.
  • The cards you can get for ultimates/transformations are: Air, Fire, Water and Earth. THESE WORK HORIZONTALLY ONE SPACE LEFT AND RIGHT

Cards are location sensitive, they only act near the vicinity of your player. A mark will be highlighted if something is activated. Movement cards will just cancel if used afar, but elemental cards will DISCARD. So beware.

You CAN'T move onto pits, so plan your steps carefully! Also don't spam cards if there's no need to, might break things haha. :P DON'T press space in the game game, because that deletes the totem because I forgot a debug thing in. ;-;


  • SPACE to start the game from the main menu.
  • Left click a card and hold, drag around to a highlighted spot and release to cast. (If you haven't cast a movement card yet.)


  • "I am confused, is this japanese chess?" - Random person watching a stream of my game

Off-topic now: This was actually supposed to be a turn-based fighting game against the elementals, but due to running out of time and other troubles, it's now a simple, randomized puzzle-game. The algorithms aren't 100% hardened and sturdy, but should most of the time end up with a fairly okay result.


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